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Certified Diamonds

Our certified diamonds are graded by the industry's most trusted institutions.

At Pleasure Diamonds, we understand that purchasing a diamond is a significant investment. That’s why we ensure all our certified diamonds are graded and authenticated by the most reputable institutions in the industry. Buy with confidence, knowing your diamond has been meticulously evaluated by trusted experts.


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is renowned for its stringent grading standards. Their detailed reports verify the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, ensuring superior quality and authenticity.

HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, provides exhaustive assessments of our diamonds. Their rigorous certification process guarantees high standards of quality and authenticity, covering all critical aspects of the diamond.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is known for its comprehensive and reliable grading process. IGI certificates offer an in-depth evaluation of the diamond’s 4Cs and other essential characteristics, assuring you of the diamond’s genuine value and integrity.